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The dental implants are used approx. for 40 years steadily. The tooth implant is basically an artificial root which is inserted into the toothless part of the jawbone by surgical method. It is more favourable when the neighbouring teeth are healthy, therefore it is not necessary to smooth them. The tooth implants serve not only as posts for fixed replacements but also ensures better hold for the removable dentures, therefore their application is recommended in case of all toothless patients.

We apply the following implants:

What are the advantages of a tooth implant?

The advantages of the implants are obvious. It gives back the feeling of a safe and comfortable bite, ensuring an easy intake of food and a confident smile. Several satisfied patients report the perfect functional and aesthetical value of the implanted tooth replacements, especially when fully toothless jawbones. In this case we can not reach such a strong mandible force and stability with a perfectly prepared full denture, as if we ensures the stability of the denture with implants.

What are tooth implants made of?

The inserted tooth implants are made of the most tissue-friendly agent that are available nowadays. The screw itself is made of pure titanium, and a special coating makes it possible for the screw to establish a stable contact with the bone. Our odontologists will propose the most adequate tooth implant for you after evaluating your individual nature.

What are the steps of a tooth implant treatment?

After preparing a panorama X-ray that represents both the lower and upper jawbones and after the examination of the clinical anatomy of the mouth, the dentist will prepare the most adequate treatment plan according to your demands. After the anaesthesia we make the bone surface of the concerned jawbone free. The bone-bed that takes in the implant will be prepared here. After this we will insert the screws and stitch the gingival above. The whole procedure take 30-90 minutes, the operation itself takes 15 minutes per implants. The eventual discomfort and pain after the treatment are not worse than after a normal tooth extraction. It is annoying that the removal of the stitching comes after 10 days and during this period you can not wear any removable denture.

Important advices after the implantation:

  • Do not consume dairy products for couple of days (The bacteria in milk can infect the wound)
  • Do not suck or rinse the place of the wound. You can brush your other teeth as usual.
  • Take the antibiotic according to the dentist’s advice. In case side effects arise, you have to change the antibiotic.
  • The stitching should be removed after 7-10 days, otherwise it can be infected.
  • You have to embrocate and cool your chin where the implant is, otherwise it can be swelled. If the ice-bag is melted, you have to cool it also at home, however it is important not to cool it with frozen thing, but only with cold one.

During the healing period the bone will grow onto the surface of the implant, ensuring its stability. All this happen invisible – beyond the gingiva. After the healing period (3-4 months) is over, we clean the implant and start to prepare the necessary framework (crown, bridge or denture) which is made up also from medical and dental work-phases, as a traditional tooth replacement.

Important information about the tooth implant:

  • The tooth implant can not be implemented in all cases. It will turn out what kind of treatment is possible after the preliminary medical examination.
  • It is necessary to examine the tooth implant half-yearly.
  • Patients having a tooth implant have to strive to keep clean the oral cavity perfectly which includes also the grooming of the neck-part of the teeth and implant.
  • If the patient wears a removable denture on the jawbone to be implanted, then he can not wear it for 10 days after the operation (until stitching removal).
  • The regular alcohol- or drug consumption and also smoking counts as a risk factor.
  • In case of certain illnesses such as diabetes, heart and haemal illnesses, etc., the implantation will not be recommended. The decision is up to the doctor.
  • In case of patients not reaching 16 years of age, the implantation is also up to the doctor.

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