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Tartar removing

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Mouth grooming contains a lot of things; tooth-brushing, using of dental floss, and also removing the tartar.

Our experts dealing with mouth hygiene are ready to give the patients competent advices to questions either everyday or special ones.

The professional mouth hygiene treatment contains not only the removal of the tartar but also the instructions how to brush your teeth better and more thoroughly.

The tartar is basically the fossilized minerals that are separated out of the saliva.
Too much tartar can be the source of bacteria therefore it is recommended to remove it half-yearly. The extent and amount of the sediment can change individually that turns on aptitude and on your mouth hygiene.
The discolouration because of smoking – sediment like thin black lines – is not tartar. Just like the tartar, you can not remove it by tooth-brushing, certain discolouration can not be removed either by professional mouth treatment.

The professional tartar removal performed by our dental hygienic is made with the help of an ultra-sound apparatus, and ends with a tooth polishing.

The teeth could be a little more sensitive after the treatment but basically we reach a comfortable, fresh feeling.

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