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Nowadays the removable tooth replacements have a larger selection then in the past. Besides its attractive price it has the advantage that the preparation and the eventual healing period is not so long as in case of an artificial crown or tooth implant. Furthermore, an artificial denture can be prepared not only on a fully empty jawbone, there are partial replacements as well, that can be combined with your own teeth or crowns.

Full artificial denture on toothless jawbone:

During your first visit we take an imprint, which will help the dentist to adjust the proper dental occlusion later.

At your next visit the denture will be mounted on a wax-model so the patient can check how the final denture will look like. At the last visit we will give you the final denture and supply you with the proper cleaning and grooming advices.

Partial dentures

The partial denture is recommended in case the patient did not lose all of his teeth. We can prepare partial dentures with clips which means that the replacement is fixed on your own teeth by the clips or after crowning the remaining teeth the clips will be fixed on the crowns.

The denture supplied with a so-called slider is more aesthetical then the clips. In this case the metal part is invisible at the teeth.

Artificial denture with tooth implant

There is a perfect method to stabilize the removable full denture with tooth implants. The implantation of the root does not make the denture a fixed replacement, but it stabilizes so much that it makes you feel like they are real teeth.

The procedure of the treatment is similar to the fix teeth. The first step is to insert the tooth implants (4 pcs per jawbones), then comes the 4 months long healing period. During this period the patient gets a temporary removable denture, but this denture is not fixed to the implants. After 4 months we take an imprint from the jawbone and within 10 days we prepare the final denture. Necessarily, we have to make several imprints during these 10 days so that the final denture fits to the bone perfectly.

You have to clean and groom the same way as the removable full denture.

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