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Artificial crowns, bridges

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All the tooth crowns prepared by us have a so-called inner “core”, which is made of steel or zirconium. This inner core is coated with ceramics and the result will be the white and shiny crown.

When is the tooth crown recommended?

  • The first and most common case is when a larger part of the tooth is decayed or it has amalgam filling and after removing the filling only a few tooth material remains.
  • Another point can be aesthetic. Tooth crown is recommended also at smaller tooth deformation, or at stronger discolouring.
  • The third possibility comes when you lose one tooth and do not want an implant. In this case we crown the neighbouring teeth, thus the two crowns can hold the so-called bridge which replaces the missing tooth.

The procedure of a tooth crown:

If the tooth to be crowned has no other problem, then the first step is the polishing. After this interaction the tooth will be very sensitive so we supply it with a temporary plastic crown, until the final crown is prepared.

It is necessary to have some trials during the preparation so that the final result would be perfect. The first trial is made with the frame of the crown (metal or zirconium), after that comes the ceramics into the frame.

We also perform a trial in this phase where you can see the final colour and form of the crown. It is still possible to make adjustments this time aesthetically.

The private dental technologic laboratory gives the opportunity to the patients to satisfy all their demands regarding the adjustments. If the desired colour and form is adjusted, the crown gets an enamel layer and will be kilned to its final state.

We take a 3-year warranty to the reparation of crowns and bridges, if the patients satisfy the half-yearly control at our dentistry.

CAD-CAM technique:

At the preparation of the zircon crowns there is a method where the frame of the crown is not figured by hand, but by a machine. With the so-called CAD-CAM method, the machine scans the imprint sample and based on the picture it forms the frame from the zirconium block.

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