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Dental Treatments

Professional dentistry in


Genius-Central Dent dentistry can be found in Mosonmagyaróvár. We provide all dental services to our patients on a reasonable price. The medical and technical standard corresponds to the one in Western-Europe! Three modern dental offices with KAVO dental chairs, digital panorama X-ray and small X-ray apparatus, professional tooth whitening with an American apparatus called Beyond Whitening Accelerator, Western-European ingredients, private dental mechanic laboratory, equipments corresponding to all EU regulations, treatment with health insurance, dentistry contracted with health insurance companies, reasonable prices!

Modern technology and a friendly atmosphere

Our dentistry lies in a silent suburb of Mosonmagyaróvár, with private parking lot in a calm environment. The dental office has a neatly equipped, nice waiting-room!

We use the most modern technology. We have two dental-rooms equipped with everything, where we can perform all necessary treatments. The filling agents and the implantation units and devices are at the highest level. Therewith our modern X-ray equipment is suitable for small-, panorama- and distance X-ray.

Modern X-ray diagnosis

There is the possibility of all kind of preliminary treatment in our rooms, and also for the implantation treatment. We inform our patients about all the details of the treatment beforehand. Counselling is the first step at us, the free preliminary analysis details the advantages and disadvantages of the certain treatments.

Free examination and counselling

Our staff satisfies all kinds of demand. Our dentists are experienced and take part continuously on trainings. Implantation and tooth replacement is not rare, it is a regularly performed routine procedure at our dentistry. Counselling is always useful. Thereby we can offer not only alternative solutions but also "propose" the most perfect solution for the single individual.