Genius-Central Dent Dentistry is located in Mosonmagyaróvár. We can offer our patients all dental services at very affordable prices.The medical and technical standards are the same as in Western Europe!

Three modern dental surgeries with KAVO dental chairs, digitalized panoramic and small X-ray, professional teeth whitening with the American Beyond Whitening Accelerator, Western European materials, own dental laboratory, all EU-compliant equipment, treatments covered by health insurance, dental clinic contracted with health insurance, affordable prices!

Modern technology and friendly atmosphere

Our dental clinic is located in a quiet area of Mosonmagyaróvár, in a quiet environment with closed parking. The dental surgery is comfortably furnished and has a nice waiting room!

We provide our patients with the most modern technology. We have two fully equipped dental surgeries where we can perform all the necessary procedures. Our state-of-the-art sealants, implantation units and equipment are of the highest standard. We also have modern X-ray equipment for small, panoramic and long-distance X-rays.

Modern X-ray diagnostics

Diagnostically, all pre-treatments are available in our practice, so that we can also perform implantation. In the preparation room, our patients are informed about all the details of the treatment. Counselling is our top priority, our free pre-analysis also details the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment.

Own dental laboratory

We are proud to have our own dental laboratory. We prepare implants on site, so not only our dental services, but also our dental technology services are directly under our control. Our dental lab is equipped with state-of-the-art, modern, compliant machinery, ensuring the highest quality and satisfaction for our customers!

Free assessment and advice!

Our team can meet all your needs. Our dentists are experts in their field and undergo continuous training. Implantation and tooth replacement is not an uncommon, but a routine and continuous activity.

Our experience is also reflected in our advice. This allows us not only to offer alternative solutions, but also to "suggest" what would be really useful.

Please contact us for exact prices

One year warranty for the following technical and dental work:

complete and partial dentures:

  • if the plastic member breaks out of the denture
  • if the denture breaks, if the clasp, slider, bridge and telescope crown breaks

Implant abutments (universal bone)

Fillings, if the filling falls out, breaks off.

The warranty does not apply:

  • for removable dentures
  • the lining of the base for sliding dentures, replacement of the plastic part of the sliding (material wear)
  • anatomical changes to the aesthetic appearance of the denture (colour, shape), which we can only repair before delivery (we will provide you with a tooth test before delivery)
  • temporary dentures (crown, denture)
  • if the technical and retention pin breaks
  • disease of your own tooth (if the tooth is the crown, filling or inlay, or if you need root canal treatment) and the additional costs involved
  • for problems that may occur in the case of gingival atrophy, for oral surgery on the implant and if the implant falls out of the bone with the tooth replacement
  • for treatments that the patient requests despite the dentist''s advice against it
  • if there is an abnormality in the patient''s bite in the event of tooth distortion.

We try to meet all our patients'' needs. We offer the best quality dental care at affordable prices and with a 3 year guarantee. Within the EU, national insurance companies may even reimburse part of the cost of treatment in Hungary. Make an appointment now for a free free oral examination and consultation!

Feel free to contact us!
Hungary: +36 96 566 424
Austria: +43 800 291 243
Germany: +49 800 291 2431

Please contact us!

By phone

Hungary: +36 96 566 424
Austria: +43 800 291 243
Germany: +49 800 291 2431