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Tooth filling, Inlay Nowadays we distinguish the fillings by their sizes. Instead of the old amalgam filling, today only the white plastic fillings are used that have no harmful effect on our organism. The dentist can prepare the smaller fillings on the spot, however there are cases when the cleaning drill takes so much tooth material out that the so-called inlay is a better solution. In this case the dentist prepares the place of the filling and takes an imprint, then a dental mechanics prepares the inlay in the laboratory.

This kind of filling can be made of different materials: gradia (kind of plastic), ceramic and gold.

It is a longer and more complex procedure if the decay reaches the tooth root. We have to clean the bacteria from the root (or roots if more root is infected) that cause the big and tensive pain and after the tooth has no other problem, we can perform the filling.

This procedure is the most important part of preserving the tooth. The treatment can take more time and needs more visit, however the result could be a long lasting, painless tooth. Thus the final step, the extraction, can be prevented.

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