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Teeth can change their colour by external and internal factors as well. External factor can be the consumption of coffee, tea, red wine or smoking, internal factor can be some kind of injury or the necrosis of the tooth.
Our dentistry uses the M+W Whitening Star Office  tooth whitening agent, which has a perfect effect on the teeth.

The procedure of the tooth whitening:

First of all we have to examine thoroughly the teeth in order to decide whether the tooth whitening is possible or not. It can not be performed if the teeth are decayed, broken, or discoloured because of Tetracyclin agent (antibiotic active agent). If the teeth are all right, then the first step is a thorough tartar removal and polishing. After cleaning we apply the tooth whitening agent onto the surface and remove it after 20 minutes. In case the effect is not satisfactory, the procedure can be repeated.
After the tooth whitening the teeth can be sensitive, but this feeling will fade away in couple of days.

The final tooth colour will be set in two weeks. If the teeth need further treatment (filling, crowning), then the procedure can be continued only after the two weeks waiting period is over. The final crowns and fillings can not be whitened.
The whiteness of the teeth will remain for 1-2 years, depending on the eating habits, hygiene and life-style (smoking) of the patient.

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