Mouth grooming

Mouth grooming

Based on the toothpaste and toothbrush advertisements we believe that these two things are enough to reach a perfectly groomed mouth and teeth.

Naturally they are very important, but in order to reach the adequate protection and cleanness, they are far more not enough.

Many ask which toothbrush to use, which brand is the best, electric or rather traditional toothbrush is better?


Mouth grooming

Well, the answer is not easy as there are plenty of toothbrushes on the market. The most effective is the one with small head, evenly cut, rounded plastic toothbrush. There are special types, like toothbrush for denture or toothbrush with a thick grip for disabled. The electric toothbrushes are not more effective than the traditional toothbrushes. Their original function was to help those people whose manual skills were not so good or whose movements were disabled in some way.

The way of a correct toothbrush:
The secret is not the strength of the brush, furthermore it is absolutely not good if you brush your teeth too hard. This way the gingival will draw back and the tooth neck will emerge. The area around the tooth neck can be very sensitive and aesthetically it is not nice if visible. The correct toothbrush lies in the movements. Never brush your teeth side-ways, but all around.

Recommended sequence:

  • inner surface of lower front teeth
  • inner surface of left lower grinder teeth
  • inner surface of right lower grinder teeth
  • inner surface of upper front teeth
  • inner surface of left upper grinder teeth
  • inner surface of right upper grinder teeth
  • outer surface of upper denture (from left to right)
  • outer surface of lower denture (from left to right)
  • mandible surface of lower teeth
  • mandible surface of upper teeth

Other tooth cleaning tools:
Dental floss:

genius internet-8259

Mouth grooming

The best solution for the cleaning of thin, hardly reachable areas is the dental floss. Unfortunately many people dislike them, but it is a perfect help to remove the residue after toothbrush. You would not believe how much residue can remain among the teeth after a thorough toothbrush. The use of a floss at the rear, especially the wisdom-teeth is the most important as even the thinnest toothbrush can not reach these areas. But we can loop the floss behind the backmost teeth as well. You have to use it carefully, you have to learn its techniques.
very similar to the dental floss, but it is used for thicker teeth-space. You can easily enter its shoe-lace like end into the space, thus you can thoroughly clean the bridge replacement and the area below the bridge.
Tooth-space (interdental) brush:
it is recommended at bridge replacement, between diasthema and for patients having parodontal operation.
You have to use the tooth-shower with very much care. It is a great help in the cleaning of hardly reachable areas and in the general grooming, but it is absolutely not recommended to use around implants

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